A Night at Kick Andy

Logo_kick_andy_showOn September 3, 2015, IICS students gathered at the gates of Metro TV studio. That day was a special occasion, for our school had been invited to Metro TV to watch Kick Andy Live at the studio. My heart was filled with mixed emotions. I was so happy and excited. I’ve never been to a TV studio before, except in Kidzania. We arrived at 5 o’clock, yet we had to wait until 7 o’clock. Come on! I said to myself, I wanted to go in. Finally, we were able to go in. the studio was jammed with guest who were coming in. Everyone was pushing each other; yet, in the end, we all made it.

The studio was smaller than I expected, but it was filled with props, cameras, and lighting effects. After we all sat down, we were thankful because we were able to find a seat quite close to the stage. Suddenly, the man himself came out! It was Andy F. Noya. I took out my phone and took pictures of him. He was actually a funny man, joking with the crowd. Then, he explained to us that the theme of this show would be, Sharing Brings Enjoyment or Berbagi Membawa Nikmat. Finally, the show began and Mr. Andy began to introduce himself in front of the camera. There were 3 guests that night, but I was most inspired by this man named Scott Thompson. This man is from Scotland, and he ran from Bali to Jakarta as charity run to donate to the poor children of Indonesia. He is Scootish, yet he was willing to take leave from his home country. Soon, Scott would even use a becak to travel from Banda Aceh to Jakarta for charity. He truly inspired my life.

IMG-20150904-WA0007After about 2½ hours, the show was done. The whole group was able to meet Mr. Andy and take a picture with him. Then, I reflected back to the show, it had really taught me a lesson. I learned that there are many people out there who are disabled and in need. If we are able to help them, not only will they be happy, but we will feel joy too. So, how about you? Would you be willing to devote your time to help your friends in lessons, or if they need personal comfort? It’s all up to you. God created us to serve others. Therefore, let’s go and help others who need our help, and if we do so, we will surely feel  great enjoyment and comfort.

By Nathanael Massie Winoto

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