A Time of Fellowship and Fun

Just a week ago, the Year 7 students of IPEKA International Christian School (IICS) returned from the retreat held at D’Agape Retreat House in Gadog, Bogor – West Java.

This retreat offered time for the students to get away from the noise, distractions, and responsibilities of everyday student life in the school. They were able to spend time concentrating on core relationships: their relationship with God, with others, and with themselves.

The students also had an opportunity to experience community while they explore what it means to live a holy life in accordance with God’s will. In most of the activities, group work was a regular, including mending their own retreat rooms before they attended the sessions. One of the purposes of this retreat is so students feel that whatever they do, each one affects the others.

Led by a team composed of IICS Junior High leader, Ms. Joshie (Vice Principal), several teachers as main PICs (Ms. Liza, Mr. Julius, and Mr. Rene) as well as ten additional teachers, the students attended variety of talks presented by Pastor Mark Andreson and Evangelist Grace.

Included in the 3-day retreat were a variety of activities to promote and build community, to foster trust and openness, and to encourage reflection. The key theme of this retreat was I In You: Let Me Know Who Am I Lord that I May Serve You Well, built up on Psalm 139:14. The sub-theme was: Knowing Oneself, Discovering God-Given Talents and Skills, and Knowing God’s Will for My Life.

This retreat was organized so that the students may feel uplifted and be transformed: from no value to high value in God’s eyes, from nobody to somebody as God’s children, from regret to grateful for whatever God has made them, from useless to useful in God’s purpose, and that they may be motivated to explore their potentials more, and develop these potentials for God’s glory.

Next, we organized bonfires on both nights where students could relax, and enjoy each other company. First bonfire night, Fun was the theme. We started with praises and worship, games, as well as delicious evening snacks. S’mores (graham cracker, chocolate and melted marshmallow) was a favorite snack that evening. Revival service was held on the second night bonfire led by Mr. Glenn, Junior High School principal.

Overall, the schedule provided a praise and worship by the students before the start of every session, pastoral care group (PCG) morning devotions led by the pastoral care teachers (PCT), and recreation period each day when the students have free time and fun games.

Thank you to everybody who had helped in making this retreat a time of fellowship and fun! May God’s name be glorified!

—by Victorio T. Marquita

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