A Trip to Remember

photoWhat a great time we had! It was an amazing trip never attempted by us before and a once in a lifetime experience that involved learning science in the field. Year 7 students had a great opportunity to put their science skills into practice in the field.

The whole grade visited Taman Wisata Angke Kapuk for a field trip on February 27th, 2015. Year 7 got to discover new things that they hadn’t known about before. We were divided into five groups of 20 people to find out about fish, reptiles, invertebrates, birds, and mangrove trees. In each group, we learned and discovered new things about our topic.

Science was taken to a different level and there were many experiments and questions to be answered. As students, we indeed had a lot of questions going through our mind that caused us to do experiments to find the answers.

On this trip, we did practical activities. We were also able to apply learning from four subjects of our studies in the practical activities. Those subjects were math, physics, biology and chemistry. Those subjects are connected to each other and related. These practical activities would not be possible without the beautiful and marvelous wonder of nature.

The wonders of nature collided with each other, creating a wonderful site. The bird singing and the howling wind synchronized with each other to make a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The calm water and the sturdy trees created a serene situation.

We worked at this beautiful place and discovered new things that we had not learned. The experiences we had would have been impossible to experience in the classroom where we mostly use theory. We were lucky to witness nature’s miracles that may not exist in years to come.

Observing nature’s miracles helped us to know things on a deeper level. When we worked at the site we found a lot of information. Information that was hard to believe is true. There were some times where we questioned the facilitator but after completing research, we found out they were correct.

The fact that we had limited time, limited our findings and also our ability to discover more, but this trip really opened our minds to know more about our earth. The limited time also gave rise to new possibilities, hypotheses, experiments and questions too.

Amazing, eye-opening results, some with inconclusive details, led us to have more questions, to hypothesize and to make suggestions for future research. There were various new things that were observed on the field, such as the mangrove tree. We rarely see them around Jakarta.

On the field, we learned lots of interesting facts about them, which expanded our knowledge. At Taman Wisata Angke Kapuk there were water monitors too. They are nocturnal animals, which means that they are active at night. When we searched for the water monitors, some of them were sunbathing and the others were sleeping.

photo2Since there was not many water monitors found, we couldn’t find the information we needed (the accurate population). However, we asked questions to ourselves like: “When is the best time to observe them?” and “What is the best way to prevent them from jumping into the water as we get close to them?” These questions lead us to a suggestion for future research: The best time to observe water monitors is at night since they are nocturnal animals and most of them are doing their activities then. We also learnt that you shouldn’t let the engine of the boat be too loud otherwise you will scare the monitors away.

This experience was an unforgettable one. At the end of the day, we all felt tired and weary, but our hard work was worth it.

Being in nature was a very interesting way for us to increase our knowledge in the field of science. We found out new things that seemed unbelievable but were true. This trip also gave us more knowledge, even though some results were inconclusive and led us to more questions and to have greater curiosity.

At the end of the day, we were so glad to have the opportunity to travel to Taman Wisata Angke Kapuk which led us to a better understanding about the beautiful and remarkable world around us. How great and marvelous our Creator is!

—by Anthony, Amanda, and Marlyn (Grade 7.3)

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