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A Worth to be Remembered Event Held by IICS Elementary

Scarf 1On 14th February 2015, people around the world were busy celebrating Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of hustle bustle back at IICS gym hall since the morning as well. And no, not because of Valentine’s celebration. Fourth to sixth grader finalists were busy preparing their booth and rehearsing their 3 minutes presentation. At the same time, up above, inside the Grand Chapel, Parents of IICS Elementary students had come for a Parenting Seminar on Creative Children and were ready to give their vote for the SCARF event.

The excitement of SCARF started back in November 2014 where all fourth to sixth graders got the chance to enter this special competition by choosing between their two areas of interest: science or art. Short name for Science and Art Fair, SCARF provides the opportunity for fourth to sixth graders to channel their creativity and dig deeper into their knowledge in science. This is in alignment with IPEKA’s motto BEST (Better Education in Science and Truth) together with IICS commitment to promote a lifelong learner character to all her graduates.

Furthermore, as a member of global community, it is equally important to have the awareness toward our surrounding and to leave our mark in a positive note. This is the reason why the RECYCLE theme picked and FUNCTIONALITY in the end result of SCARF project is emphasized heavily.

Once students had chosen their area of interest, they are mostly grouped two by two. The process of brainstorming ideas among the group then started. Some discussion and inputs from respective area teachers had also helped shape the end product. From these masterpieces submitted at the end of January 2015, 6 Science finalists and 6 Art finalists from each grade level are chosen. One thing for sure, it was a hard decision for the SCARF Committee to come out with the total of 36 team finalists. It was because there were many great inventions and art pieces produced, far beyond what the jurors had expected!

Despite the flood that put the finalists final presentation schedule a little bit behind, each team had done their best presenting the project in front of 3 jurors in a 10-minutes-presentation. Through these presentation process students were learning the rope on how to do public speaking, what is teamwork and how to work together to find multiple solutions to a problem. Then finally finalists had the opportunity to display their work on 11-13 February in front of their peers and teachers in the foyer toward the school’s canteen.

Additionally, it is the time for teachers and 4-6th grade students to give their vote to their most favorite project in art and science. The team with the most number of votes from each grade level had the opportunity to win People’s Choice Award, one team in Art and one team in Science category.

The main highlight of the event ended on Saturday, 14th February 2015 when the first winners and winners of People’s Choice Award are announced.

The SCARF Committee saw this event as a chance that gives a lot of positive impact through the outcome of amazingly creative works, sharpen students ability to present and speak in public as well as to hone students existing potential. It is truly an event worth to be remembered!

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