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Achievements in SASMO and APMO

SASMOSurely thanks to parental involvement in supporting children to develop their talents, our students could perfom well in many competitions. Just like the recent achievements by our students. One of them is by Junior High team through Singapore and Asian Schools Mathematics Olympiads (SASMO) on 11 April 2015 in Raffles International Christian School, Jakarta.

The students and their medals within the JH team for SASMO competition are as follows:

  • Stanley Wirian – silver medalist
  • Isaac Edwin Winoto – silver medalist
  • William Immanuel Yang – silver medalist
  • Firdiny Firensia Utama – bronze medalist
  • Jovita Suryawinata – bronze medalist
  • Monica Wibowo – bronze medalist
  • Nelson Kartika – bronze medalist

In addition to the achievement by Junior High team, a good news also comes from a student from Senior High, that is Erlang Wiratama Surya, who is a bronze medalist in APMO (Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad) which took place on 10 March 2015 in Jogjakarta, Central Java.

Congratulations, students. Keep up the good work!

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