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Ahok, Deputy Governor of Jakarta Delivers A Seminar In IPEKA Integrated

Majelis Pendidikan Kristen di Indonesia (MPK or Council of Christian Education in Indonesia) along with IPEKA Integrated Christian School, Jakarta held a thanksgiving service and national seminars to celebrate the 63th anniversary of MPK and to commemorate the Christian Education month in the country on last June 1, 2013 in the school.

In front of hundreds of attendees from several provinces in Indonesia, IPEKA Puri Senior High students started the opening ceremony with choir performance, offering praises to the Lord.

The speaker for the thanksgiving service was Rev. Dr. Nus Reimas, Head of PGLII (Persekutuan Gereja-gereja dan Lembaga-lembaga Injili Indonesia) who preached from Proverbs 22:6, “Train a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it,” which is also the theme for MPK birthday celebration this year.

Rev. Nus Reimas exhorted three main things that are required so that the education in this country could improve, and they are:

1. the right goal setting for teachers to know the direction in teaching their students so that they would also know their purpose in life
2. the right discipline for students to discern or differentiate about what’s right and wrong, or to realize the things that please the Lord or not
3. the right attitude

Rev. Nus Reimas also asserted that nearly no more Christians who could contribute and participate inside the government, while the moral of the nation goes downhill. He also said that without God, all is just a big zero.

After the thanksgiving service, the Head of MPK Ir. David J. Tjandra gave a welcoming speech as well as to launch a new program Save the Teacher from MPK to help teachers from YPKT (Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen Toraja) by providing scholarships. Afterward, the Chairman of from PGI (Persekutuan Gereja-gereja di Indonesia or Communion of Churches in Indonesia) Rev. Dr. A. A. Yewangoe also gave a welcoming speech, and then followed by Dirjen Bimas Kristen Kementerian Agama (Ministry of Religious Affairs) Dr. Saur Hasugian, M.Th which was representated by Mrs. Levina Nahumury, M.Th.

After the thanksgiving service and speeches, the event was continued with the main national seminars. The first seminar was Transformational Leadership which was delivered by the Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Mr. Ir. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, M.M or more known as Ahok.

Mr. Ahok generously extended his knowledge about several important things related to education or politics to the attendees. He stressed the importance of justice for all, according to the fifth principle of Pancasila, especially for the poor. Mr. Ahok also shared about three essential things to apply such justice in this country:

1. to bring about justice for all people
2. to obtain wisdom from the Lord to administer justice
3. to sustain justice in righteousness

And then, the second seminar which was entitled Transformational Education was delivered by Rev. Dr. Robby I. Chandra, where he shared about four types of teachers:

• A teacher who can teach and make students to follow instructions
• A teacher who can create a good atmosphere of learning for students to enjoy
• A teacher who is not merely able to create a good atmosphere to learn or to urge students to enjoy learning, but who is also capable of motivating students to learn independently (doing their own research and sharing knowledge with others)
• A teacher who has a competency to do the aforementioned three things while his or her life inspires students to be individuals who could channel positive impacts or influences and realize their life’s purposes

After the two seminars, there was also held a capita-selecta where attendees could choose one from the scheduled three seminars delivered by notable speakers: Drs. Julia S. Chandra the Head of Undergraduate Program of Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Indonesia, Dr. Janet Nason theCEO Advisor of IPEKA Christian School, and Drs. Handi Irawan, MBA the CEO of Frontier Consulting Group.

Dra. Julia S. Chandra shared some valuable things on critical thinking through her seminar entitled How to be A Teacher with Critical Thinking. She urged teachers to think carefully―which is the basic mean of critical thinking and instead of being “judges” toward students, they need to maintain their roles as teachers.

Meanwhile, Dr. Janet Nason delivered a seminar called The Teacher’s Heart in which she asked whether or not teachers are genuinely, really teach accurately and model the life of Jesus Christ? “The teacher,” Dr. Janet said, “is the living Bible curriculum.”

The third seminar was brought by the marketing pioneer in the nation who has coined the term of Top Brand, Mr. Drs. Handi Irawan. He shared that Christian schools need to apply some changes since they are in an ever-changing era or environment that would influence the way a school operates. Mr. Handi Irawan gave his salutation for teachers for their enormous dedication in giving their lives to fulfill their life’s calling to teach and their mission in education.

May through this event and all of the seminars, more teachers could equip the young generation of this country so they can be the heirs of a bright and hopeful future.

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