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Animal Adventures to Taman Safari and Cimory Farm

The average Junior High student drinks approximately 2 glasses of milk a week. Mmm. Sweet, sweet calcium. But, where does that milk come from? And how did those black and white four-legged beauties get to Java? On the 7th February 2014, 88 very thirsty grade 8 students and 12 teachers attempted to find out…

The fresh-faced crowd arrived safely at Cisarua Mountain Dairy, lips pertinently poised for milk tasting. We were lucky enough to be treated to a taste of some of the cow’s most special chocolate concoctions on arrival.

Students enjoyed having a try at extracting the milk from the Holstein-Friesians. Many succeeded in this fun but smelly conquest. “The milk straight from the cow is full of disease-causing bacteria. That’s why the raw milk must be heated at temperatures of over 85°C for no more than 20 seconds, before we can drink it,” declared our helpful guide.

After the dairy section of the trip, everybody enjoyed our excursion to Taman Safari Zoo. Students and teachers watched a cowboy show featuring well-trained horses, birds of prey and stunt-men. Thankfully no chickens were injured running away from the crowds of people and explosions!

The Baby Animal Section of the zoo delighted all the students. House members were also able to meet the real, breathing counterparts of their house mascots. Sadly, the zoo’s supply of ‘Bali Sharks’ were nowhere to be seen.

All in all, students and teachers managed to avoid the patches of rain and safely arrived back at school with only a few mild set-backs, everyone appreciative of their new-found knowledge of farm and animal life.

Thank you, Cimory Farm and Taman Safari!

—by Sebastian Shead

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