Aptitude Test – Year 10 Students

ATA 1On August 2, 2016, an aptitude test was conducted for all Year 10 students of IICS. This test was conducted by IPEKA’s Counseling Center (ICC) and was administered by some of their psychologists. Students could choose whether they preferred to have the test in English or in Bahasa Indonesia. It’s a tradition in IICS that Year 10 students take this test at the beginning of the academic year. The purpose of this test is to help students, and also parents, to better decide which HSC subjects they should choose later in Year 11.

 ATA 2The test consists of several sections that are designed to measure intelligence, personality, talents, and interests of students. By looking at all these aspects thoroughly, the psychologist will then make recommendations of majors or professions that suit a particular student. Students and parents can then consider carefully which HSC subjects they need to take in order to go to the suggested or desired majors in university.

 The aptitude test started at 7.30 in the morning until around 11.30, with only 15 minutes break in-between. The result will be distributed to students and parents during mid-report card distribution on October 14, 2016.

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