Art Fair & Science

3 Art Fair & Science Fun was the event held by our Kindergarten division to raise the awareness from students that they can make a difference even from the little things; such as making arts.  The students worked together and gave their best, with the help of their teachers, to produce nice art works.  In the Fair, all the art works were displayed and ready for the Silent Auction.  Parents who were participated in the Silent Auction showed their enthusiasms and contributions by purchasing their children’s art work.

1In this event, the teachers prepared science-themed game booths for the students and the representative parents from each class prepared the Food Bazaar.  The students enjoyed their time playing with their friends and teachers in each booth while the Parents enjoyed their time in Food Bazaar.

All the funds collected from this event have been donated to YayasanElsafan (LembagaPerlindunganAnakTunanetra Indonesia).  This is the message that we emphasize to our students; that the students can be encouraged to be a blessing for others in whatever things that they can do.  Through this event, the students can learn to be God’s channel of blessings for the kids in YayasanElsafan.

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