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Be Fruitful in Christ

IICS Kindergarten Graduation Day 1Graduation program in Kindergarten may feel and sound a little bit sad for most of us.  Of course, no one likes to say goodbye, especially to something as good as being kindergartners; the fun and laughter are stored in Kindergarten.  For our kids, Kindergarten is their first peek of the world.  Their ability to be independent is challenged here.  They first learn to follow the rules, to express their feelings and communicate well with others, to respect and to love one another.

IICS Kindergarten Graduation Day 4So, once they are done in K  indergarten, it is no longer a wave goodbye with tearful eyes to their parents like once they have when they had just started the journey in Nursery; but it is a wave goodbye that proudly shows to their parents, that they have come a long the way and they are ready to go to the next level.  It is truly the journey that God wants them to be in.

BeIICS Kindergarten Graduation Day 2 fruitful in Christ is the theme of this year and the excitement is real during the performances. Some girls who like to dance performing Ballet in front of the parents.  Some kids join the Choir team to sing bravely on the stage. The drama performance performs the characteristic of being fruitful in Christ; to love, to be patient, to have peace, to be kind, to show goodness, to be gentle, to practice self-control and to be faithful in whatever God has entrusted them to do. Through all the performances, God has shown how He is able to work wonderfully in each and every kid.  It is a good reminder for all of us that God will also take care of them in the future; in their next journey of learning.

—by Cheristine Wohangara


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