Biology Field Trip

1On 28-29 September 2017, twenty-three Year 12 Biology students went to Campus 3 Atmajaya Catholic University at Cisauk, Serpong to visit the Biotechnology Faculty. The aim of this trip was to have a hands-on experience of various basic biotechnology techniques. It was a precious opportunity to close the gap between what concepts were taught as part of the syllabus (the theory), the type of work and skills involved (the practice). This annual event was usually scheduled after the Trial Examination, so that the students had completed all the requirements of the syllabus and hence had reached the culmination of knowledge of a standard high school student. Moreover, the experience allowed the students to become more informed about the work involved in biotechnology in general, which in turn may help them to be better prepared in choosing majors in higher education.

2Students were also given opportunity to be taught by university lecturers, and assisted by some university students to whom they could interview and ask questions about both biotechnology and life in university in general. The works involved were in the realm of Biotechnology, Microbiology and Plant Tissue Culture. Although working in groups, every student had the opportunity to practice various techniques. Such opportunity is in line with the school’s ESLR #5, students are academically prepared as lifelong learners.

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