Blessed to Bless

1 The Year 8 and Year 9 Music Recital is an annual program in the Junior High School at IICS. Every year, the students prepare their one of a kind music performances in front of their teachers and parents. This year, the theme chosen was very special, which was “Blessed to Bless”. Through this recital, students were reminded, that God has been blessing them abundantly. Through this recital, students learned how to appreciate God’s goodness by sharing the message of Kindness, Faithfulness, Thankfulness, Togetherness, and Friendliness. Even before the recital started, students did several kindness projects, such as: visiting and donating to an orphanage and a senior house, giving their token of appreciation to school workers and also giving to the needy outside the school. This special music recital was also presented in a talk-show style. We invited our special guests; Pak Yoento, our school driver, Ms. Hernawani, our ex-IICS teacher and a cancer survivor. We were also privileged to have Mrs. Theresiana M, one of our Y7 students’ moms.

2A month before the recital, all the students practiced their performances together. This was a huge challenge for the music teachers, as they needed to combine 149 students from various musical talents who never practiced together in a big group. It took extra perseverance, prayer, and patience to cultivate the musical talents of each student. Our hope was that the students also enjoyed their performances.

Our hard work paid off when we saw our students performing on the stage. We were so blessed to learn that all the parents and the invited guests gave an enormous appreciation for the outstanding achievements of the students. It was indeed only by His grace and mercy we could hold this year’s recital. Soli Deo Gloria.

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