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button_kunjungan calvinWe often find that some foreigners have great interest on certain culture and social life of other countries due to their willingness to expand their horizon or knowledge. This is the case with Calvin College, one of the best Christian universities in the United States.

Each year, Calvin College runs a compulsory program for their students called January Special Program. That program is almost the same with Live-In program by IPEKA INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, which is also run routinely where the students would conduct a study field in particular places.

The January Special Program itself is aimed to expand the horizons of the students so that they would understand and know more about life in faraway places or developing countries.

Meanwhile, this year the Calvin College students are headed to China, Honduras, some European countries, and Indonesia, etc. And as much as 10 students signed in to go to Indonesia.

Those students who chose to go to this country planned to visit IPEKA INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Jakarta and some places in Indonesia such as Bandung, Jogjakarta, Manado, as well as West Java, Central Java, and Sulawesi. And just for information, this is their first visit ever to this country.

But, their visit is not just an ordinary visit or without a purpose since they have to write some papers with a theme of Unity in Diversity about Indonesia and everything that they see or experience while they were here.

In addition, they also came to IPEKA INTERNATIONAL so that they would get more comprehensive information about this school which has an international curriculum. Also, to know the opportunities to be a teacher in IPEKA INTERNATIONAL after acquiring five years of experience in teaching in the United States or other countries.

Last but not least, it is a glad thing to know that one of the students in the group of Calvin College students who visited was an alumnus of IPEKA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL PURI Kindergarten, Jakarta. We’re glad to know that and the fact that indeed many of our graduates continue their studies in a higher level in the best universities abroad.


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