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Career Day – A Journey, Not a Decision

Careers DayOn the 11th of April 2016, IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) held a Career Day. On this special day, IICS invited four alumni to share their experiences about their career and university lives, giving the students insight on the world outside high school. The alumni were given the opportunity to share their experiences through a talk show, hosted by IICS’s Character Building teacher, Miss Karen.

 During the talk show, the alumni highlighted the significant difference between college and high school life. In high school, students only think about assignments and getting good scores to enter university, whereas in college, students will think forward because they have to work and are worried about the unknown future. The alumni also shared how college is a time to find out what you really enjoy doing. One alumnus named Aswin mentioned, “College is when you experiment and explore freely, and do as many things as you want… Do not limit your options.” In college, students will be trained to work in groups, socialize, present, communicate their ideas and importantly, prioritize their tasks. These skills are very important in preparing to face a hectic work life. However, deciding a major itself is not an easy decision. Some of the alumni turned out to dislike the major they chose and picked another major. Others even got jobs in different fields than their majors. Despite the fact that students don’t always know what they will do in the future, it is still very important to plan. Hence, a career is not an absolute decision; it may be changed from time to time. Having a successful career is not easy; it requires not only hard work, but also aspiration and passion. A career is, in fact, a journey in disguise.

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