1This year the annual event IICS Career day on May 19th, which is compulsory for senior high students to attend,  offered a highly interesting panel consisting of IICS graduates: three from batch 2008, one of each 2002 (IICS first ever) and 2013 with very diverse professional backgrounds like chef, architect, hotel cluster sales executive, restaurant owner and pilot. Right after the opening prayer by the PIC, Aldjento, the program kicked off with the introduction of the panel by the MC, Ms. Karen. In a very relaxed atmosphere, the alumni shared their experiences responding to the series of questions asked by Ms. Karen: matters ranging from what major they took at the university, the struggles they experienced pursuing studies overseas: administrative, academic and cultural, in what way high school helped them going through the tough time, to the challenges they encountered in their current professional working life. Concluding the program the MC opened the forum for students to ask the panel questions. A Handful of students posed inquiries which resulted in an interactive dialog. Upon the dismissal of the students to the following program, the panel had the picture with the IICS teachers and principle taken.



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