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Children Stories Writer from IPEKA International

button_jessicaEach child has different talents that will emerge and evolve someday. And when they discover their interests, they would focus their time and energy on the interests and would eventually resulted in achievement.

One of the talented students from IPEKA International Christian School, Jakarta is Jessica Natania Sutandar (Junior High, year 8). Jessica is an author of several children stories and books. Her English books were published by www.kidpublish.com, one of the publishers in Indonesia which specializes in English language books for children. Some of Jessica’s books are:

- Pony Diaries
- The Magic Moonstone

Jessica usually writes about children and teenagers adventures, as well as the friendship among them, and seasoning the stories with mysterious or magical things and fantasy. Her inspiration in writing is from one of the UK best children storybook writers, Linda Chapman, the author of My Secret Union series.

Jessica nurtured her talent and started to love writing since she was seven, and it has become a hobby. She dreamed of becoming a professional children storybook writer.

Anyway, as a teenage writer, would Jessica also experience writer’s block which most authors nowadays experience? Jessica said, “Usually the words just flow. I just start with an idea and just start typing or writing, and then I just let the ideas come to me. When I run out of ideas I know that it’s time to stop. I would take a break and start writing few days later when I have some more free time.”

Jessica does not write every day, but she loves to read and planning to write more books, especially the Pony Diaries series. Well done, Jessica, and keep writing.

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