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Christmas Charity by IICS Senior High

PictureJakarta, Indonesia’s metropolitan city is known to have numerous highways in every part of the city. However, despite how amazing the city looks from the outside, most of us never realize that there is a dark side to it.

Under those magnificent highways lie a community who live in poverty and unknown to the more fortunate citizens of Jakarta. In this opportunity, on 2 December 2014, the IICS Student Council along with some teachers was able to visit one of these places as well as a community living under inner ring highway which is located near Season City.

Upon arriving there, we were surprised to see such terrible conditions. We could not ignore the fact that the place smelled very bad and that their houses were just made out of wood at most with the highway as their ceiling.

Their houses did not have nice flooring, but all they had, as their floor, was dirt. Whenever a car drives too close to the side of the road, debris would fall down like snow. What comes to a surprise is the fact that the people living there do not mind at all!

Although the conditions were definitely not the best, we were able to have fun together with them by playing games together and sharing snacks. Another surprise was when we were distributing clothes and medicine. These people did not have much, and as we were distributing the medicine, they were desperate to receive it.

The things that we gave out were just medicine one could easily find in a drug store. It may mean nothing to us, but for them, the medicine were like precious jewels.

What we have experienced during our visit was truly special. It made each of us realize that there are people who live in such terrible conditions, but are still content with it.

We, as the more fortunate people should learn from them and be grateful for what we have. God has blessed each of us, and we should thank him for what he has given to us.

~by Tiana Singgih (Year 12 student)

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