The ninth of November 2018 was a special day for 63 Year 12 students of IPEKA Integrated Christian School. This graduation day had a memorable place in the heart of each student as they celebrated their achievements and showed their gratitude from the bottom of their heart.

1The graduation ceremony commenced with the graduates’ entrance parade as the red and white flag fluttered through the air. The proud singing of our national anthem, “Indonesia Raya”, followed next, with a brief opening prayer afterward. Ms. Joshie began the ceremony by welcoming the graduates, their parents, and all attendees. On this festive day, several students showcased their God-given talents to exhibit their gratitude for God’s blessings, their parents’ support and teachers’ guidance. Eustacia of Class 12.3 mesmerized the audience by gracefully playing the piano. Another performance was done by Jethro, Natasha, Allen, Warren, and Eustacia who sang a heart-warming song, while Eber accompanied them on the piano. The Senior High Principal, Ms. Farida, shared her experience with the 2018 batch, as she had watched them grow from naive, carefree teenagers into mature and responsible adults. Mr. Handojo’s inspirational speech followed, reminding the graduating students to reflect Christ-like attitudes and always seek the Lord’s guidance as they embark on new journeys, pursuing deeper knowledge in universities all across the globe. One of the highlights of the night that the graduates looked forward to was the teachers’ reflections. Some teachers shared their sweet memories and gave advice through their videos and speeches. Afterward, several students presented their speeches as a reply to the school, their friends and parents. Jovita Suryawinata, representing the students, delivered a speech to thank the school. The former student council president, AldioLazuardi, reminded his classmates to stay hand in hand as one cohort, while Brian Putra, who was the former Student Council Vice President expressed his gratitude to all the parents for all the time and sacrifices they had made. As a symbol of appreciation, each student gave their parents a bouquet of flowers. Furthermore, a short kaleidoscope presentation displaying the events of the past two-and-a-half years was also shown as waves of laughter echoed through the air. The final speech was delivered by one of the graduate’s parents, Ms. LilianaTanoesoedibjo, stressing the importance of education, based on Proverbs 1:7.

2Moreover, the school awarded the top-achieving students in each HSC subject for their hard work, integrity, and outstanding performances. Enthusiastic rounds of applause were heard after the names of students were called out. Finally, the moment each student had been waiting for : the bestowing of medals. When every student stepped up on stage, a smile from ear to ear could be seen and a sense of accomplishment flooded them as they bowed to receive their medals. Despite all the sweat and tears, these 63 students had graduated at last. To end the dazzling night, all the graduates threw their mortarboards high in the air, finally ready to take the first step of the new chapter in their lives.

High school held some of the best memories for all graduates and the graduation ceremony was a great opportunity for them to reflect back on what they had done and to recall the blessings given to them throughout their high school journey. Nevertheless, Lurlene McDaniel once said, “From every ending comes a new beginning.” Although it is sad to end their high school journey, they certainly believe high school has prepared them for the next stages of life.

The graduation of the class of 2018 was thus accomplished smoothly and the event was closed by gathering the graduates, their parents, and all attendees at the IICS Gym for thanksgiving and dinner together.

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