Conserving Nature

Our great earth which has been inhabited for centuries, is unfortunately in bad shape. Essentially, this has become a major global issue that our society is facing. Therefore, I am proposing some simple steps in order for us to save our beautiful planet. I can also confirm that my ideas can be easily carried out and performed by people of all ages. I strongly believe that we can still put an effort in order to make this world a better place to live.

Water pollution
Water is everywhere on earth. It covers two-thirds of this earth. But, not all of it is clean enough for us to consume. There is polluted water all around the earth that can endanger this unique planet. One way to conserve clean water is by reducing the water we consume. Turning off the tap when it is not needed is a good example of saving water. By not wasting water, we are saving gallons. That water can be given to other people who need it more.

Disposing of waste responsibly
Trash is also one of the causes of water pollution in the sea. By throwing trash into the river or the sea, we are destroying the beauty of the sea. The trash that we throw is going to end up in our beautiful beaches and we won’t be able enjoy the beauty of it anymore. The same trash can also endanger animals in the sea. It could get stuck in a sea turtle or a penguin.

Cleaning beaches and throwing trash to where it should go is a way to help the environment. Waste is something that we produce every day but by irresponsibly throwing away too much without perhaps recycling, we are actually destroying our beautiful earth. Waste is not something that will just disappear instantly; it is something that needs years to be decayed. Some waste is hard to decay.

Saving our tress
Trees are a basic need in our lives, since we need it as a source of oxygen, shade, and also a source of food. Trees are also needed for making paper. As the amount of paper use increases, the amount of trees decreases. Forests are cut down and the habitats of animals are slowly destroyed. One way to help the environment and save the trees is by replanting regularly. In the future, it would be a great help. By planting just one tree, it can already save the environment.

We owe it to the youths of the future to save our environment. Waste needs to be reduced; thinking before we buy something is a great way to do that. It is a but a little step to a better future. A little step is what makes a great step just like a little change can make a great one. We can become that little step by making a change. Just by reducing the amount of wastage, we can change the world.

Becoming the example is the way to make people reduce the waste. It is such a pity to see this world destroyed by its inhabitants. I strongly believe the youth of this era can make this great change and make this world a better place to live. Because if that little change doesn’t start from us, where else will it start? There is no limit to those who want to be a part of saving this Earth.

—by Inessa Juvania Santoso

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