Culture of Indonesia

20171101_101552 IICS Elementary had a cultural event on 1 November 2017, it was called Indonesian Culture. The objective of this event is to introduce Indonesian culture to the students. At this occasion, the school invited Ondel-Ondel performance from Sanggar Si Pitung – Rawa Belong to represent Betawi culture. We also had Angklung (traditional musical instrument from West Java) performance from Dapur Angklung Jakarta to represent West Java culture. The Ondel-ondel performance was introduced to grade 1 to 3 students, while the Angklung performance was introduced to grade 4-6 students.

There were 12 performers for the Ondel-ondel. They brought 2 Ondel-ondels, female and male. The team was also completed with 10 traditional Betawi musical instruments. As for Angklung performance, there were 2 performers, one played an Angklung set consisted of 30 notes and the other person played a set of Gambang.

20171101_134832Moreover, during the Ondel-ondel performance, the students were invited to the stage to dance together with the Ondel-ondel. Some of the students were also given the opportunity to make Kembang Kelapa. As for the Angklung performance, not only the performers played Sundanese traditional songs and a pop song, they also gave 100 Angklung to the students. Those Angklung were used by 100 students as part of an interactive Angklung performance playing National song, Tanah Airku.

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