1March 12, 2018 I was bustling around my school grounds documenting IICS’ biannual championship event as it comes back for its eighth tournament this year under the name ‘DOMINATE’. DOMINATE upholds both sports and art competitions, and the name itself encourages domination not over the opponent but over one’s personal talents, ambitions, and aspirations, which I believe encompasses the aim of this event.

Personally, DOMINATE as a whole was relatively enjoyable. The food and drinks in the bazaar were quite good, and especially refreshing for me as head of the event’s documentation team. Across the span of eight physically and mentally trying days, my job allowed me to be able to witness up close the determination on the faces of most of the participants. Sometimes my team and I were able to capture in photos this resolution to win in the firm set of the participants’ eyebrows. Other instances we were able to catch it in videos of teammates vigorously high-fiving one another or slapping each other’s backs after winning a point when scores are tight.

2However, I feel like a person who wasn’t present at DOMINATE and simply looked at all the photos and videos as someone who missed out on the entire atmosphere, no matter how hard my team strived to document everything that went on. They wouldn’t know how it felt to walk through the hushed silence of our canteen air that Saturday as mural participants channeled all their concentration on their art pieces. Nor were they there in our school field with us to notice the way each volleyball team would howl their team name without fail every time they scored, even when the point gap looks grim. Most importantly, they weren’t there to watch how the players’ friends and other supporters from their school howled right with them behind the scenes.

Ultimately, I guess what I can take away from DOMINATE other than a rediscovery of my love and passion for Thai tea is that school spirit unleashes itself most when you scream yourself hoarse as you watch someone you walk by in the hallways every day score that winning point.

By Natasha Emanuelle Utama

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