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DR. Robin Hom Seminar from CCS in IICS

“Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth.”
(Psalm 127:4)

If children were arrows, then the parents would be heroes who are ready to fire the arrows to the right target or place. Therefore, parents should be such a strong and elastic bow so the arrows or children can reach the right target in line with their goals and dreams.

The analogy above is best applied to the parents of students in IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) in preparing their children for further study to universities abroad, especially in the United States. IICS parents received valuable information regarding that subject through a seminar held by IICS on Saturday, September 15, 2012.

The seminar theme was Being Admitted to the Best Universities in the U.S. which gave some reviews of some of the best universities in the States and some helpful tips on how to enter or study at those universities, as well as to figure out what needs to be prepared in advance.

The speaker of the seminar is DR. Robin Hom, Superintendent of Chinese Christian Schools (CCS), one of the best schools in California, USA, which is also the sister school of IICS.

Hopefully, with this seminar, IPEKA Integrated Christian School can respond to the needs of parents to prepare students who will continue to study abroad, particularly in English-speaking academic setting.

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