Year 11 Physics Field Trip

Challenges in teaching Physics to senior high students include finding effective ways to teach basic scientific principles and providing students with opportunities in a different set up outside the classroom.

Physics is a field science and any physics teacher would endorse the benefits of field-based experiences. Enhancement of higher-order cognitive skills, refinement of observation and inquiry skills, increased self-confidence, and improvement in student attitude are all benefits cultivated during field trips.

Field trips to work sites give an up-close look at technical jobs. Field trips from a school campus help students visualize the next step along their academic path and provide practical tips for preparing for college. Museum tours spark an interest in science and technology with their hands-on activities. This can be especially valuable in expanding options and providing them greater access to opportunities in science and technology.

As providers of quality education we cannot responsibly eliminate appropriate field activities from the background of our undergraduate students.

HSC curriculum demands the students do practical work including field trips.  The methodology of science can only be learned through action: asking questions, creating methods for answering those questions, implementation of methodology, evaluation of answers, and communication of findings with others.

Field trips illustrate how these steps occur much more readily than going through a series of laboratory exercises which simply verify something that is already known. The experiences of a field trip help students develop a deeper understanding and excitement about science through first-hand experiences such as working on working models, looking at exhibits, collecting data, making observations in field books, and writing reports on sites visited. Most people learn best by actually doing things hands on. For physics, that means going out into the museum, looking at the exhibits, and examining the working of each one.

HSC preliminary physics consists of four Core topics: The world communicates, Electrical energy in home, Moving about, and Cosmic engine. Visit to IPTEK Museum at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), energy museum and 4D theatre will supplement the first three topics and the fourth topic will be supplemented by a visit to the planetarium at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM).

Highlights of the Field Trip by Year 11 Students

1. Visit to IPTEK Museum
It was interesting to see student’s enthusiasm and their interest in various activities. BMW engines and other engines in road transportation attracted many boys. Gyroscope was totally new for them.

In sound and wave section they could create waves of different types. Earthquake detector was another interesting thing. In static electricity section Van De Graph generator attracted many students. In light section there were many machines explaining the various optical phenomena. Working of hologram, laser, cinema, optical fiber, inverse square law, ordinary reflection and many other exhibits were quite informative.

Another display that attracted most of the students was the arc structure. Students could assemble arc structures and test its strength. They were convinced of many things by doing and finding themselves.

2. Visit to Museum Listrik dan Energi Baru
Students were asked to collect data on various methods of electrical energy production in Indonesia. As this was related to their school project, they knew the working of most of the power plants. The working model of the hydro electric power plant attracted every one. The other types of energy sources included Solar, Diesel, Thermal, Nuclear, wave and tidal energies. Students could play fun games under the supervision of an instructor.

3. Visit to 4D Theatre
The next place was 4D Theater. There students watched a small 4D film with some 4D effect. The storey was related to galaxy and outer space. The original plan was to watch Imax show. But as the showtime was not fitting in to the schedule, the visit had to change to that 4D show. Imax show would have been a better choice for senior high students.

4. Visit to Planetarium
It was a special show arranged on request. The show was about Constellations, Sun and the planetary system. The show lasted 40 minutes and covered all topics in cosmic engine. It was quite informative and interesting. For majority of the students it was their first time experience.

This field trip was truly informative and a very rewarding experience for the students. It enabled students to participate in scientific activities and develop knowledge of the practice of Physics. Hands-on activities, designed for classroom use and tied to the field observations, were performed by the participants. This also helped to enhance their knowledge of the developments of useful technologies, systems and the contributions Physics has made to the society.

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