Field Trip to Jungle Land


It was the 22nd of January 2019, the Upper Elementary (grades 4-6) had a fun showery field trip to Jungle Land. This theme park is located in Sentul, Bogor. Jungle Land’s theme is mostly about animals because their rides represent nature and animals. Like other theme parks, Jungle land is filled with fun and interesting rides to try and the rain did not stop us from enjoying it.

Because this is my first time to visit this theme park, I and my classmates were really excited. The rides are all different from each other and there are numerous rides to try. Since it is the rainy season in Indonesia, our field trip to Jungle Land was not as crowded compared to a normal season. The queues for each ride were not long, so we really enjoyed and rode as many times as we want.

Jungle Land is a place filled with happiness and fun. Overall, it has been a great opportunity for all the students including the teachers to have some fun time. We all left Jungle Land with a happy heart!

By Nikki Sunaryo 6.4

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