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Field Trip to LAI & Manna Sorgawi

IICS G.4-5 (5)On January 20-21, 2016, IICS students grade 4-5 gathered at Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (LAI). As students arrived at the lobby of LAI, they were stunned by the biggest Study Bible (recorded in MURI). In the auditorium, a facilitator shared the history of LAI and showed how the Bible was distributed to some villages in South Sulawesi. After the presentation, students were very excited to answer quiz questions about the information that they had heard.

Afterwards, students were divided into five groups. The facilitators brought the students around to the library, museum, and also to the book store. They learned the history of Bible publications and studied the places written on the Bible. The museum also displayed a lot of collections in Bible times so they got to know more about the life in those eras.

IICS G.4-5From LAI, we continued our visit to Manna Sorgawi. The museum was not too big. The students also had a tour around the museum to see some collections related to the stories in the Bible (such as coins, seeds, musical instruments, etc). The students enjoyed this visit because they could get a lot of information and learn about new things.


By: Ms. Keren - Science Teacher of G.5

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