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From the Bottom of Our Hearts

IICS EventThis is a story of our extraordinary experience of making drawer organizers out of cardboard and asturo paper to donate to World Vision Indonesia or WVI.

It started one day when representatives from WVI came to our school and present their advocacy. They told us that they would appreciate it a lot if we could donate to them and help send poor children to school.

After hearing their story, we really wanted to help. But, we didn’t know how, as the donation for a month cost Rp150,000. We, as students, don’t really get that big amount of money. Suddenly, our PCT (Pastoral Care Teacher) Ms. Penn had a brilliant idea. She told us of a practical idea of organizing teacher’s drawers to raise fund. So, we sold drawer organizers to the teachers and administrators in our school for Rp30,000 each.

It was a very fun, exciting and tiring experience.

The fun part was when we walked around the school to offer teachers to allow us to organize their drawer. We went from Junior High to Senior High teachers and administrators. We were able to sell drawer organizers to 25 people. Some of them are generous enough to pay more than the amount we offered. And we were very thankful for their willingness to help.

The tiring part was when we actually made the organizers. Some of us weren’t strong enough to cut the cardboards, and our time was very limited as we had many other things to do. We often missed our lunchtime and spent our weekends doing it. Nevertheless, we did it with enthusiasm as a team, helped and supported one another and successfully reached our goal of reaching a total of Rp1,000,000. And most of all, the teachers loved our drawer organizer.

This experience taught us a lot. We learned about teamwork, patience, responsibility and neatness. We did it with a good and true intention, from the bottom of our hearts.

After hearing our story, maybe you could do some fund-raising activities, too. By working as a team, doing simple and practical things can change the lives of many people.

~by Aurora & Jovita of IICS Bali Sharks PCG (Pastoral Care Group) 2

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