Grade 1-6 Field Trip

Field Trip to Balai Kota and Jakarta Smart City Students went to the City Hall in the morning. They were greeted by the tour guides at the main building. The history of the City Hall was being explained while they were waiting for their turn to get inside the building. Displays of former governors decorated the hallway inside. They also observed and went inside the meeting rooms. After taking class pictures, students had lunch and got ready for the City Tour by Transjakarta. Riding the double-decker bus, the students had the tour around M.H. Thamrin and Sudirman areas.

Field Trip to MRT Head OfficeFor sixth graders, there was an additional activity at the City Hall. They visited Jakarta Smart City, an office where the officers managed the public complaints and the traffic. Grade 6 students also got a chance to visit MRT head office at Wisma Nusantara before they went back to school. Presentation was given to explain about the progress of the project. They got really excited when they took the pedestrian bridge in front of the office and looked at the MRT site. They got the knowledge and at the same time they had great time with their teachers and friends.






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