Grade 5 Retreat 2015

Retreat SDThis year, we 5th graders have a retreat for 3 days and 2 nights without our parents.

This wasn’t my first retreat, in fact it was my 3rd. So, when I saw that a lot of my friends were really excited for this retreat, I just had to be happy. This was the first time for most of them.

When we arrived at the location, everyone was really excited to know who their roommates are. I was excited myself, hoping I would be with my best friend, Felicia. When our roommates were announced, some of us were very disappointed.

Shortly after dinner, we had our first session with our speaker, Rev. Jonathan Mays, who also is our school chaplain. In our first session, about how broken we were, but still precious. At first, I didn’t understand how we were precious, but when Rev. Jonathan started to get into details, I began to understand how we are precious indeed, although broken.

Our next session was about how we had no other option but Jesus. He is our One and Only option to go to heaven. A whole lot of my friends received Jesus for the first time that night, while for me, it was the time that I reconciled with Jesus and walked with Him again. Soon after that session, I had to talk with one of my favorite mentors of retreat, Mr. Eric and my group discussion members. Honestly, it felt great to be able to share stuff freely to others. It was like a huge relief.

The next morning we had to exercise to stay fit. Some of my friends came to the exercise location late. Soon after we clean up ourselves, we had our morning discussion with our discussion group. We shared about what we had in mind after the night before’s preaching, and it was quite a blessing.

After our breakfast, we had our first session of the day, which was titled as Inside Out. Here on this session, we talked about how God will shape us, how He will change us inside and out. I loved how Rev. Jonathan Mays said that the more God shapes us, the more joy we will get. After the session, my group discussion decided to talk about this Inside Out thing.

We had a small snack time and after that we had a special session with our group discussion mentors. It was about our One Moment with God Time. At that session, we were thought how to do this special moment every day. Mr. Eric explained that we didn’t have to have the devotion book. We could just pray for that moment and you can be done.
Retreat SD_3

Next was lunch. Everyone was making a big fuss about the thing that will happen after lunch. Our talent show preparation! My group was assigned to do Joseph’s first part of the story. We made decorations and such. It was really funny to make a beard and a mustache for the drama.

After our preparation, we had an outdoor game. It was really exciting, and because of our location, we got extremely wet. I tried to push Mr. Eric into the pool thrice and instead got pushed into the swimming pool, twice. It was really funny for my friends.

After we got cleaned up, we did our talent shows. There were about Samson and Delilah, Job’s temptation, Jonah, and others. There were songs in midst of every two talent shows. I got pulled by Mrs. Lince, our vice principal to the stage and worship Jesus.

I think my group did really well on stage especially the scene where Potiphar came back home and his wife shouted, “He stole my purse!” That scene was really hilarious and entertaining.

After our dinner, we had the last session about the Wright brothers and also someone else who I forgot about. We learnt to never give up and also to keep on being strong as a Christian.

It was already late and everyone was sad because it was supposed to be time for bonfire, but it rained. So, I took the time to talk to the teachers. Thank God we still could sleep well at night.

The next morning was a very special day for Mr. Eric. It was his birthday! We didn’t get to do morning exercise because it rained, but who cares? We did our morning devotion with Mrs. Wani’s group that day because Mrs. Wani was quite sick.

We then had breakfast and our photo shoot. I must say that my friend, Lindsey was very happy about this photo shoot and acted as a model. It was really fun. We then had our last but not least session titled as “CIA” or Christ’s Incredible Ambassador. I really loved that session about how we have a responsibility in Earth as His ambassador. Our responsibility was to guide people to Jesus. I really loved the fact that it was to guide, not to just tell them that Jesus died for them and period.

Before our session, we had a small surprise for Mr. Eric, and Tirza had a declaration. She was going to go to Medan, North Sumatera (the place with many Bataknese people) to be with her father. Sure, we’re all happy for her, but we’ll all miss her because she is an important part of this 5th grade family.

We had to leave soon. We all went into our buses and chit-chatted for a while. Sure there were stuff that happened along the way, but I am sure God is with me, with all of us. God loves you and me. May this passage bless you.

—by Vania Felisha Hillary Halim

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