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Have we prepared the inheritance for our children?

family-730320-774x547Warren Buffet, in 2008, was named the richest person in the world. With his wealth, it can be ascertained the things he can have and do. Let’s look at his lifestyle as the richest person in the world:

  • He donated 31 billion dollars to humanity.
  • He stayed in his old house, a small house he bought 50 years ago after marriage.
  • He drives his own car without a driver with his old car, without bodyguards.
  • He never used a jet even though he owned one of the biggest jet companies.
  • He prefers to go home after working and eating at home.
  • He does not use cellphones, let alone buy the latest models.

What does he leave as an inherit  for his children? He prefers to pass on most of his wealth to social bodies rather than to his children. What are the reasons behind his action?

Warren Buffet said, “I give my children enough so that they can do everything. I don’t give them too much so they feel they don’t need to do anything. “

How does his children react? His children were willing when his father decided to pass on most of his wealth to the social body. This is  proof that Warren Buffet does not only succeed in physically building and inheriting wealth but manages to inherit the right values ​​for a business opportunity.

Sometimes as parents we try to provide the best for our children to make them happy. That is a goal of our lives. But often we get caught up in giving ourselves happiness with abundant gifts until we forget to provide opportunities for our children to experience the process of achieving happiness itself. They are used to getting results easily. When we eliminate pain, their ability to endure hardship weakens.

  • Parents need to let children experience failure.
  • Parents need to let children fall.
  • Parents need to let children feel afraid.
  • Parents need to let children learn to wait.
  • Parents need to let children face and undergo difficult tasks.

Children must feel that they are achieving something with their own abilities. Children must feel a sense of pride in their achievements and business. Strong self-esteem is the result of an achievement process not just an affirmation.

If we dare to provide the ‘process’ to children as well as we dare to invest in their happiness in the future.

“Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; They will bring you the delights you desire.” (Proverbs 29:17)

by Meyske Ameliayana, M.Psi, Psikolog

Resource: Tim Elmore, 12 Mistakes Parents Can Avoid; 2015, Xavier Quentin Pranata, 100 Inspiring Stories; 2012














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