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Healthy Cooking Oil Company Visits IICS Elementary

On this month of November, Year 3 and 5 students of IICS had a visitation from PT Ina Naroop Lestari from Bandung. This event was held in Function Room during the students’ self study time. The purpose of this session was to review the students’ lesson in HSM (Health, Safety and Manner) about healthy food.

The presentation was led by the Principal of PT Naroop, Mr. Basuki. He explained to the students how important to have a good breakfast early in the morning so that they will have enough energy for the day and they can concentrate more during learning process at school.

There were some examples of good breakfast such as sandwich, fried rice or oatmeal with milk. The students also listened to the explanation of how good oil was produced from extra virgin olive oil.

The students were so excited when they were about to enter the Function Room since they got some souvenirs from Naroop, such as small note book, book mark and phone strap. They also had an opportunity to ask some questions about the breakfast and good cooking oil. Some of them have known that most of fried food made their throat dry. They were curious about the process of making the cooking oil.

In the end of the session, the students prayed together and said thank you to Naroop team who came to give them new knowledge about good food and cooking oil. They were so happy to get the lunch provided by Naroop which was cooked using good cooking oil.

Hopefully this event will educate them about good food that they should eat so they can grow as healthy children who glorify God’s name!

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