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Helping Our Struggling Teenagers

1 On Saturday, 16 September 2017,IICS held a seminar for Senior High parents on the topic “Helping Our Struggling Teenagers”. As teenagers nowadays face tremendous challenges, the challenges that parents face in understanding and helping their children also increase. With so many changes and responsibilities that teenagers face(such as physical changes,academic demand, peer pressure, puberty, planning for the future, etc), they are prone to a lot of stresses, and therefore providing them with an atmosphere where they can share their burden and get the guidance they need tonavigate them through tough times is essential.

2The speaker of this seminar is the founder &CEO of Lifetalk Asia, Mr. Albert Eggmont. Lifetalk Asia is an academy for young people where they are trained and mentored to find their own potential and grow to be future leaders. Mr. Eggmont has a great passion to help young people and he hasbeen speaking and motivating young people since he was still a student. During the seminar, the speaker challenged the parents to see the problems that their children face as an opportunity, and not as a threat. He also explained that the greatest barrier between a child and his parents is communication issue. Too often teenagers don’t talk to their parents because they feel that their parents don’t get them or too old-fashioned. Therefore the first and foremost thing that parents have to learn is how to communicate with their teenagers effectively.

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