How Great Is Thou Art!

On 13 and 14 February 2014, IICS Elementary students had their Field Trip Day. This time, we had a privilege to go to Reformed Millenium Center Indonesia (RMCI), Kemayoran – Jakarta.

The students were so excited even before they reached the place, they kept on singing and talking with their friends in the bus during the trip. The traffic was quite packed, so we arrived late at RMCI. When we arrived, the representatives from RMCI were ready to greet and arrange our activities there.

Our first activity was to gather at Hosannah room to have a short briefing about the schedule and some rules that the students had to obey when they were there. Afterward, we had a photo session in front of the big beautiful painting of The Last Supper.

Then, we went to Messiah Cathedral to listen to the explanation about the church and museum. The speaker told us that when the painters made some of the paintings, they wanted to show that God sees all humans into the depths of their hearts and there is nothing we can hide from God. Then the students were divided into groups according to their classes to have their tours in the museum visit.

First, some of the groups went to the 6th floor Museum. They were so interested in listening the explanation about the story behind some antiques displayed there, for example about the first chiller in the world from Chinese Dynasty. They also loved the sculpture made out of bones and the porcelain vases. Some of Emperors’ robes and Chinese bowls fascinated them as well.

Then, we went to the 7th floor Museum to see some of the paintings and vintage watches. Not only that, there were a lot other interesting ancient things we could see there such as mandolin and harp. The stories behind some of the paintings were so beautiful, especially about the painter of the dome who received Jesus Christ as Savior after he painted Jesus’ life painting. After the students finished with the museum visit, they had an activity led by the representatives from RMCI.

After the students had their lunch, we had a chance to watch some videos about musical concert in Sophilia Art Fine Center. We also saw piano and violin performances there. The choir from Calvin School ended our visit to RMCI.

We really felt blessed to be at RMCI and saw all the things, paintings and sculpture, not to mention beautiful architecture of the church and concert hall. All of the students and teachers who joined the Field Trip were really amazed. We could really feel the wonderof our God and said, “How great is Thou art!”

May all of His creation praise His name and give back the talents that He gave only for His glory!

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