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Ignorance in Simple Ways to Not Waste

The world can be divided into two types of people: Those who care and those who don’t.

Ignorance is a trait that all humans are unfortunately comfortable with—“Ignorance is bliss,” said Thomas Gray—but in the light of thoughtfulness, some have learnt how close life is to death. And they have panicked. That’s why everyone should know that almost the whole thing behind this is the practice of wasting.

It’s important for us youths to know the dreadfulness of wasting because the future lies entirely in our hands—both now and later. This means that whatever we do now determines the future, and simply being aware about this will also set good examples so that, in turn, the next generation of youths will promote this cause.

There are tiny, almost insignificant steps we can take to not waste. Recycling, of course, is a major one which mostly gets done by authorities, but this would be futile if we didn’t dispose of our seemingly useless plastic bottles into the provided recycling bins. We also can recycle by ourselves, commonly known as reusing where e.g. we put our organic wastes into the soil instead of fertilizers, which just eventually damage to the environment.

Carpooling and taking public transport also keeps from wasting fuel and at the same time lessens pollution, a major concern in big cities such as Jakarta. Other tiny things that would maybe postpone the apocalypse would be turning lights, TV, water, and air conditioning off when not in use. All of these are deeds that can be executed with so much ease, at the same time increases our future’s prospects of a safe life.

Trees are one of our only salvages for maintaining the health of our earth and its inhabitants, and so we must also work to save them. If every single soul who ever printed anything had printed it back-to-back, I believe innumerable trees would have been saved, considering the fact that Princeton University saved 1,276 trees in the space of two years when they printed everything on recycled paper.

Lastly, we need to address the issue surrounding smoking. About 600 million trees are destroyed each year to provide for the unrecyclable paper that goes into cigarettes, and then there’s tobacco, too, and of course people smoke it and smoking it releases poisonous gases into the air. And if this isn’t enough, research has shown that smoking is bad for our health.

These are some general suggestions that most humans can relate to in regards to the topic of wasting. I am naturally a person who feels very strongly about oblivion, because no matter the claims, no one particularly likes what our world is coming to, and trying to slow the whole thing down in this way requires very little no effort on our part. I pity the youth of the future, who will undoubtedly curse us to the pits in sagging fury once they see how much we could have done, almost effortlessly. But didn’t—all because we never behaved responsibly.

—by Joan Dominic Lee

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