IICS Fun Independence Day

20170818_083907This year we celebrated Indonesian Independence Day on Friday, 18 August 2017. The theme was TEAMWORK! Working Together, We can Accomplish More. We had an opening devotion taken from Philippians 2:12-13. As Christians, we honor the miraculous toll, paid not by us but by Jesus Christ on the cross. He won us the greatest freedom of all, and made us citizens of His eternal nation. 20170818_114123Jesus freed us from sin and paid for our salvation. He also gave us precise instructions about what we are to accomplish with that freedom: love one another. For example, the students could help their friends when they face difficulty. Just like our nation 72 years ago, all Indonesian worked together to win the freedom, so do we, we now have to work together to work out our salvation.

The students applied what they got from the devotion in the fun games. They needed to have TEAMWORK attitude with one another. They worked together as a team to finish the games well. To end the day, the teachers led the closing devotion that winning the game is not everything, but process is. It is not about being the best alone, but how they put the best effort and support one another to achieve the goals.

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