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IICS Kindergarten Thanksgiving Day 2018

image005 Thanksgiving Day is a day to be thankful to the Lord for all of His blessings in our lives. Having been blessed abundantly, we also would like to encourage the students to see and experience the meaning being a blessing for others through sharing.

During Sumpah Pemuda Day, our school had successfully raised funds to be donated to Sekolah Mathehes Adulam. With this fund, we organized packs of sembako containing cooking oil, sugar, salt, milk, soy sauce, and rice. A total of six student representatives and three teachers from IICS Kindergarten visited the school to share the sembako packs with all students and teachers. We also shared the rest of the funds to the school to help with their Christian education ministry.

image006We arrived at Sekolah Adulam and was welcomed warmly by a total of 125 of students, teachers, and staffs. We joined the students weekly service where we praised and worshiped God together. We saw how the students were confident in worshiping God as each class sang a song during the service. As for our students, they also sang “Always Say Thank You, Always Say Please” and “I Can Do All Things with God” that they learned in Choir. We listened to a sermon that reminded all students to be grateful at all times, to keep on fighting the good work, and to be diligent. After the visit, we asked these students about how they felt about sharing with others. They said that they felt happy to share, and that they got a lot of new friends. We believe that God has blessed both Sekolah Adulam and IICS through this act of sharing.

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