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IICS Students Live-In Experience In Desa Kenalan, Magelang

All year 12 students from IICS went on a Live-In Trip to Desa Kenalan in Magelang, Central Java, and spent four days there with host families and followed their lifestyle.

The students helped the host families, where most of them are farmers, with their agriculture, fed their cows, played with the children, and did whatever they could to be a part of them.

Time seemed to have crawled during those beautiful, starry, fresh-aired nights in the village. The students learned so much and were so touched by how the villagers lived their lives. They put God as their center, and in their simple way of living they always thanked Him for everything He had done.

The people were so incredibly kind to have opened their houses and loving hearts to IICS students. The lessons and memories gained from this experience and the host families will always be cherished and forever be in their hearts.

―by Elizabeth Elaine Redjo Setyono
IPEKA Integrated Christian School (Y12)

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