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IICS Students Visit Lentera Anak Pelangi

panti asuhan In 2013, we joined an organization called Lentera Anak Pelangi (LAP) that works together with the Atma Jaya University. This organization focuses on helping people, more particularly children with AIDS (HIV).

We originally started doing this as a request from our parents. However, as time progresses, we eventually start enjoying playing with the kids and meeting up with them every month.

At first, it was pretty terrifying to encounter people with HIV, because of the social stigma of the virus being easily transmittable just by skin contact. But, we learned that people’s beliefs aren’t true, and so we had to try to change our mindset about what’s really true about HIV and what’s simply just a stereotypical belief.

Whenever people heard that we are dealing with children suffering from HIV, they automatically assume that we may be contagious as well with the disease. It is not easy explaining to them about how HIV is not as easily transmittable as to what the world beliefs in, but at the end of the day, without really intending to, we have spread new information towards people who have not the slightest clue about this particular illness.

It has been such a wonderful experience to be able to be apart of the lives of children and adults experiencing HIV.

It makes us realize that there are people in life that are not as fortunate as us, which also makes us learn to appreciate what we have even more. But, most of all, we realize that these people are simply people with a disease they have no control of.

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