IICS Study Trip to USA

At Biola University (Los Angeles)For the second year now, IICS Year 11 students are going to US for their study trip. A total of 12 students and 1 teacher gathered at Terminal 2 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on Saturday afternoon. After bidding farewell with their loved ones, we began our trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles for eleven days and eight nights, 21 – 31 March 2015.

Since we took the afternoon flight, we arrived in San Francisco at midnight. It was slightly delayed at Hong Kong. We tried to rest while struggling with jet lag, because we needed to attend church the next day.

The next Sunday morning, we started our day by going to Cornerstone Church in SF, then continued with city tour. We visited many different tourist spots, including the Golden Gate.

As Monday comes, we began to visit universities. For the next 3 days, we go around to UC Berkeley, Stanford University, University of San Francisco, and UC Davis. The students were given some explanation sessions, which were very helpful in giving them some ideas about the university life and what they expect from a High School student. Then, we had the chance to have a tour around all those beautiful campus. Of course, we paid a visit to our sister school as well, which recently changed their name to California Crosspoint High School.

After visiting UC Davis, we went straight to Sacramento Airport and flew to Los Angeles. Upon arrival, we went straight to do some shopping in Citadel outlet store. Even though the students were a bit reluctant, we had to leave the stores and went to check in to the hotel.

The rest of the weekdays were filled with another visits to Biola University, University of Southern California, and UCLA. Because of Spring Break, we couldn’t book a tour with UCLA. Fortunately, we have one of the alumni there who was willing to help in giving us a tour around campus.

At CCHS (sister school)All in all, these visits to universities really give the students a great opportunity to get the feel of each campus. They are even able to tell which of those campuses is their favorite and why: its ambience, its architecture, the ease of travel, and other reasons.

After days of going to universities, we close the trip with fun activities. We visited Disneyland and California Adventure Park for the whole day. They tried a lot of rides and had fun together until night.

Our last day at Universal Studio was well spent, too. The students got to see how the movies were made, the technology, the movie effects, and many other things. After dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, we went straight to LAX and spend the night on the plane back to Jakarta.

It was quite exhausting, but the students really had a great experience and great time. They didn’t even want to go home!

—Ms. Anastasia Erina
CB Teacher

At Golden Gate (San Francisco)

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