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IICS Year 10 Language and Culture Excursion

belajar bersamaOn December 1st through the 3rd of 2014, Year 10 students of IICS went to Jogjakarta for a language and cultural experience.

The purpose of this event was to give an opportunity for our students to experience, see, learn, and appreciate Indonesia’s culture and language.

In there, the students learned about Candi Borobudur’s history, how to paint batik, play some traditional instruments, and make some original crafts from young coconut leaves.

Taking the train to the country side, bonding with classmates were also part of the experience.

The students were very enthusiastic and joyful in learning new things, and they admit that it made them more appreciative of belonging to Indonesian culture.

—by Natasha Christiani
PIC Excursion Year 10, 2014

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