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Independence Day Celebration by Junior High

Pull Pull PullOn Monday, August the 18th 2014, all students and teachers were having a flag ceremony at school. We sang the Indonesian anthem and other songs. I heard a girl singing beautifully in front of the teachers and students. After the flag ceremony, the junior high students celebrated the day with many game activities. My favorite games were the tug-of-war and eel estaphet.

The first game I played was the sack and balloons with Emerson, Bretton, Reinhard and Isaac. We had to jump with both feet and a balloon inside the sack, and the balloon was not allowed to pop. We lost the game to other players. It was a tough game for me.

Walking glass was my next game. I had to use my mouth to blow and move the glass that was attached to a string from one end to another. I didn’t win either, but this time I came second.

After the game, I looked around, and watched other students playing other games. I noticed something interesting. In any game, for sure, there would be winner and a loser. Normally, losers would not be happy. But on that day, nobody cares about winning or losing, they were enjoying themselves; people chatted, laughed, and played with each other.

That kind of spiritDelicious foods were also sold at the canteen. French fries, crackers, and other snacks were not only nice, but also smell good. I always liked French fries and could not resist when I saw them. So I bought some for myself.

After eating my snack, I joined my group, Papua Eagles House. We played tug-of-war with other houses: Bali Sharks, Komodo Dragons, Java Rhinos and Sumatera Tigers. I have to admit that I was disappointed that we didn’t win, but overall my day was wonderful, full of laughter and happiness!

~by Jovan Tjindra (Class of 7.4)

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