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Independence Day Celebration’s

independence day celeb 117 August is a day when Indonesia celebrates its Independence Day. As a good and respectful citizen, we want to share several values to our students, so they will not take the freedom for granted. On 21 August, we made a short devotion to be shared to the kids. We wanted the children to learn about freedom and how to use it wisely in their lives, so they could bless Indonesia. There were 2 values that we shared to them. First, the freedom that we got was not totally free because someone paid the price for it. We could get the freedom in this country because there were heroes who passed away to fight and save our country from slavery. Second, freedom was not totally free. It came along with the responsibility after it. We wanted the students to learn that they had to be responsible in using their freedom in this country, so they would bless others with every decision which would be made in the future.

Windep 3e also held several competitions that brought on Indonesian culture. The purpose of this competition was not only for fun, but to introduce the culture of Indonesia. We had Bakiak Relay, Paper Relay, Pass the Rubber, Sack Race, Water Sponge, Tug of War, Eat the Crackers and Diner Dash. This competition was also a good opportunity for lower level students to know each other better since it was their first time having this kind of competition. The students competed fairly and really enjoyed the games. They were also being supportive to each other. We could see how they united as a team to compete with other team as Indonesia’s Motto in Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity).

At the end of the event, each of students got Indonesian flag as the reminder of this event. Hopefully, the flag will remind them to always appreciate the freedom that they get and be more responsible in everything that they do.

by Lydiana

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