Click with Jesus

GKY Mangga besar 2014 - 2IPEKA Christian School held a combined service (KKR or Kebaktian Kebangunan Rohani) for Elementary students on 29 April 2014 to encourage them to keep have faith in the Lord.

Click with Jesus was the theme for this combined service at Gereja Kristus Yesus (GKY) Mangga Besar.

Rev. Paulus Lie delivered the Word of God in this service, as well as told some wonderful stories for the children regarding faith, salvation, and relationship with the Lord.

Rev. Paulus Lie also invited students to offer their lives as the best gifts, the special presents for the Lord Jesus Christ, who has saved mankind from the bondage of sins into eternal life through the cross.

By believing in Him, all of us will be His children and have a long lasting, even eternal relationship with Him. Forever.

May their faith grow as they know Him—who has also sacrificed for them—more and more since they are little, and so that they would make a commitment to Click with Jesus, just as the theme goes.

Click here for video.

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