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Epic House Day & Community Service

bersih bersih 2Early that morning, Junior High students seemed busy and yet full of energy. They planted tree seeds, cleaned public garden, painted some local street borders, pulled some weeds, etc.

They held all of those activities on 4 June 2014 through their House Program’s community service near the school.

Lots of people welcome this community service by the students gladly.

Junior High students gave a name for their activity, Epic House Day & Community Service, and the theme was Love Your Neighbor as Yourself which was indeed proven through the service for the community.

In addition, some exciting activities were also held for the students to showcase their creativity through sport competitions such as volleyball, basketball, and table tennis. Also, there were other interesting competitions, i.e. balloon dart, throwing ball in the bottle, throwing cans, and battle of the bands.

balon sumoMoreover, the school also had inflatable games, thanks to Global Kidz, which providing sumo wrestle, bungee running, and gladiator games.

Aside from all those interesting activities, Junior High students and teachers would also become a channel of blessings for others by giving some donations to World Vision Indonesia, represented by Ms. Andhini Simeon and Ms. Siska from the WVI who also had the opportunity to watch some of the activities of the students in the school.

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