Children Creativity

Do you remember how your children are playing? Did they use the cardboard box and turn it to a house or car?

Take a look at the unique ideas that they have. We called them creativity which is a gift from God to mankind. At least there are two things that we can do with creativity. We can either use it in handling our problems effectively or producing something worthwhile for the future.

KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia or the Great Dictionary of Indonesian Language) refers creativity as an ability to create something new or creating. Edward De Bono explains that creativity means that someone has added new information to what he/she has known beforehand o restructuring the previous knowledge. In his opinion, there are two kinds of creativity: creativity in idea and creativity in art.

Someone who is creativity in art can be clearly spotted by his/her works, unlike the creativity in ideas. Both creativities, according to De Bono, can be trained. Thus the label creative does not only belong to those who can draw.

How to develop the creativity in our children? Just take a look at these following tips for parents to do:

1. Develop a habit of discussion in your family. Of course parents should have decided the topics that would be relevant to be discussed with the children. Take for example in deciding holiday destination, birthday presents for father, etc. During discussion, remember to do brainstorming. This method is good in sharpening our children’s creativity. Not only will it help to enrich the ideas but also in deciding which one to execute.

2.Instill the joy of reading in your children. Our brain is like other parts of body. It needs exercise to stay fit. Here are some ways to exercise your brain: reading, discussing or exchanging arguments about a certain topic etc. Books would be a great source of inspiration that would develop the curiosity and creativity of children.

3. Give stimulation so children are motivated to create and do trial and error. There are various education games that could stimulate children since earliest of age like: lego brick, drawing and coloring, cutting and folding papers, making sandcastle, etc. These activities would sharpen the spatial skill (related to space and place), soft motor skill (related to the movement), and stimulate children’s creativity. Give the space to do, touch, draw, form or make something according to their will. This will help their imagination to flow freely.

4. Spend time for refreshing or recreation. This activity will be the best moment for children to obtain new experience, like going to educational sites (museum, zoo, recreational park, etc). This will certainly develop children’s imagination.

5. Avoid being over-protective, like giving strict boundaries to your children that would refrain them from trying a certain activity, or forbid them to play because it would put the house in a mess. Parents should have faith in their children. If you see your children color the cat with green, ask them nicely instead of rushing in to criticize them. Why do you paint the cat green, son? Then, give positive comments. This will surely encourage them to explore their talent. There will be a period of time here children need to spend their time alone. During this moment, they can process their mind freely without having any fear of being judged like other children.

6. Support and praise your children whenever they show their ideas or work. Don’t hesitate to praise your children every time they complete something or give out an idea, although it might not be completely finished. We could say something like, Mama knows you can do it.Or, Wow! You’ve done a good job. Keep it up okay! Your support would certainly encourage the children to dream.

Now it is up to the parents to be creative in stimulating the creativity, skills and interest.

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