A Serving Leader

“Even as the Son of man did not come to have servants, but to be a servant, and to give his life for the salvation of men.”
—Matthew 20:28, BBE

The most well-known type of leadership is the authoritarian leadership style. That’s why leadership is often misunderstood.

In order to seek the meaning of a real leadership as in Jesus’ teachings, IICS’ Year 12 conducted the Leadership Camp to unleash the leadership potential in students and train them to be leaders with a servant’s heart and attitude.

The Camp was held in Villa Ratu, Pancawati Village, Caringin, Bogor, West Java on 23–25 October 2013, and featured, among other things, outbound training and activities.

During the trip, students were not only taught the principles of a servant leadership, but were also trained to apply all such principles in various situations through outbound and other activities.

The students learned about many things such as:

  1. Jesus is a servant leader and a role model for all leaders;
  2. Everybody can be called to be leaders;
  3. Leadership skills can be honed and trained;
  4. Being a servant leader is not easy, but it is possible thanks to God’s grace;
  5. Servant leaders should be able to make sacrifices and prioritize others over themselves.

Seventy-two students and 12 faculty from IICS’ Year 12 took part in this activity with Ev. Jimmy Lukas as speaker delivering seminar sessions on topics such as:

  • What Is Leadership?
  • To Lead Is to Serve
  • The Role Model of Servant Leadership
  • Followership
  • Becoming A Servant-Leader

Finally, may the students can commit themselves to finding the leadership potentials in themselves so they can lead well, both themselves and others.

—by MediHamediana,
Year 12 Math Teacher

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