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IICS Senior High School Brightened Up Valentine’s Day

Comp 1 ( 7 O’clock in the morning, senior high school students of IPEKA Integrated Christian School (IICS) have been busy allotting flowers to their beloved friends and teachers. This was one of their activities to brighten up Valentine’s Day.
“The point is we just want to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. On this day we would like to give our appreciation to the teachers. We hope that all of us would also fun, respect, and love our teacher and cherish our fellow students, the president of the Student Association (OSIS) of IICS High School, Tiana Singgih explained the general objective of this activity.
As the committee of Valentine’s Day, OSIS of IICS High School packed the program with various games for the students: The Find Me Game, The Find A Heart Game; and also games with the teacher participation: The Pick-up Line Game. The following are some funny quotes of the students in Pick-up Line games:

Student: “Are you a freezer?”
Teacher: “No, why?”
Student: “Because I want to freeze this moment with you.”

Student: “Do you work at McDonald’s?”
Teacher: “No, why?”
Student: “Because you’re McGorgeous”

To enliven the celebration, IICS High School also created Teachers Appreciation Day event to appreciate the teachers for their dedication and hard work in educating the students.
Both events was conducted on Monday, February 16, 2015 in some locations of the school like classrooms, canteen, sports field for games and the chapel for teacher appreciation event.
The events reminded us to love and appreciate our fellow being, and to express our love by doing the best thing that we can do. Yes, let us express our love.

- IICS Valentine’s Day 2015 Video

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