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Youth Pledge Celebration in IICS Elementary

New Picture (8)Singing and Chant Slogan Competition between classes was held IICS (IPEKA International Christian School) Elementary School to celebrate Youth Pledge on October 28, 2014.

Each class participated in this event. They perform their creativity in making chant slogan, and singing national songs.

Pak Ronald, PE teacher of IICS Elementary School and the MC of the event opened the event by explicating the objectives of Youth Pledge celebration every year. The competition ran well and merrily. The students were very excited when they shouted out their chant slogan and sang national song.

The entire event went smoothly and the students were impatient to find out the winners of the competition.

The winner were announced at the in the Chapel on November 3, 2014. The winners were: 1st Grade Class 1.4, 2nd Grade Class 2.2, 3rd Grade Class 3.2, 4th Grade Class 4.1, 5th Grade Class 5.1 and 6th Grade Class 6.4.

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