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Influential Leaders – IICS LDC 2016

2On October 26, 2016, The IICS Grade 12 students started their 3-day Leadership Camp Program, a key annual element of beginning Year 12 at IICS. The students headed up to the Pelangi Resort and hotel in Sentul, where they were challenged from the first moments. As soon as the students arrived, they were presented a riddle that they had to solve. During the camp, the students were tested in a wide range of situations, from trembling on the high rope walk to jumping into the Pampers pool and helping stalls in the Traditional Market Challenge.

3Team-building exercises required the young people to solve problems and work as a team. Throughout various points in the camp, each student was given the opportunity to step into leadership role and practice using their new-found skills. It was amazing to see how each and every student shone as a leader, supported his fellow students, and surprises himself as he took on opportunities presented, facing and overcoming fears.

The students also took part in reflecting on personality types and personal leadership styles, as well as identifying both strength and areas of improvement in their interactions. Part of reflection time included gathering in groups to share and receive comments, giving students a better understanding of themselves, their friends, and how they interact and work with others.

One of the Year 12 students shared the following: “When we first heard that our instructors for the leadership camp were external vendors, my friends and I felt doubtful. We did not trust them at first, and we tried to find ways to criticize them. However, as we went through our activities together with them, we began to accept them as our instructors”.

“On the first day, we were divided into groups and played outbound games. Yet this time they incorporated a different element into it: evaluation after each game. Initially, my friends and I were confused. We’ve never evaluated ourselves after conducting an activity; we just play. Yet gradually, under the patient guidance of our instructor, we began to get used to it. My group and I grew as a team, identifying our faults and improving our collective efforts to overcome them. We learned to listen to each other, be more participative and open to one another’s opinions”.

“One aspect of the evaluation process that surprised us most was when our instructor told us to choose one person to appreciate and one person to criticize based on their performance in the games. Naturally, most of us chose to appreciate the person who was the most dominant in our group and criticize the ones who were the least active. Yet by the second day, some of the members who were previously criticized ended up receiving an appreciation from the rest of us. I think that was a good way to boost our friends’ confidence and show them that as team we will be there to support them as they change for the better”.

“Overall, it was a valuable experience that turned out better than expected. Being in that particular group allowed me to talk to people I generally do not converse with in school. All the activities brought us closer as friends, and we learned to trust each other. The evaluations also helped me to discover more about myself and think about aspects to my personality that I have never thought of before. It was a fun yet meaningful event that will last in my memory”.

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