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IPEKA INTEGRATED Christian School to Host Nobel Laureate, DR. Robert Engle III from NYU—“Why Global Volatility Is So High”

IPEKA-BRIDGES-ProgramJAKARTA, INDONESIA- “This is a remarkable opportunity for IPEKA students to be exposed to a world class economist who has applied mathematics to worldwide business and volatility,” says Hendrik Kianto, Chairman of IPEKA Foundation. “His volatility website https://vlab.stern.nyu.edu/en is used by savvy Indonesian investors and businessmen around the world. High school students in IICS and other IPEKA schools have been tracking global volatility on the site for the past 3 months and it has been a valuable learning tool. It is IPEKA’s practice to go beyond textbooks and use current, real-world methodology to challenge our students as future leaders,” says Kianto.

 “The “Bridges—Dialogues towards a Culture of Peace” event facilitated by the International Peace Foundation provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for Indonesian students to interact with Nobel Laureates and IPEKA is grateful to participate in this 6th ASEAN Bridges event” says Dr. Lowrie-Nason, CEO Advisor for IPEKA. “Most of the Nobel Laureates will be speaking at Indonesian universities, so we are honored to be one of the two K-12 schools in Indonesia participating in these events.”

 “IPEKA Integrated Christian School uses an advanced Australian curriculum with university level economics and business Studies courses” says IICS high school principal, Kristhianto Kainama.  “Our excellent math and science studies build to advance business studies in High School. The majority of our students choose to study business, economics and entrepreneurship in US and Australian universities.”

 We are eager to see the outcome of our students’ dialogue with such a prolific individual. “Our goal remains for students to fulfill their potential; this event allows for their engagement through critical thinking and questioning which support the attainment of our goal,” added Petroes Soeryo, IPEKA’s CEO. “This dialogue will inspire our students to produce meaningful contributions for the world.”

More information about “Bridges” is available on the official website: www.peace-foundation.net

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