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IPEKA Integrated Christian School Spelling Bee Competition 2012

button_spelling beeOn 5 – 9 November 2012, IPEKA Integrated Christian School has successfully conducted its 3rd internal Spelling Bee Competition.

Since all students were welcomed to join it, they were enthusiastic in joining this biannual contest. There were two finalists from each class who then competed with the other finalists in their grade level.

The winners from each grade level are:
1. Fairy Dior Richtan from grade 1.4
2. Michelle Erine Tan from grade 2.4
3. Kiera Lorraine Salim from grade 3.2
4. Nathan Ryan Sidik from grade 4.2
5. Isaac Edwin Winoto from grade 5.4
6. Jethro Tjindra from grade 6.2

And the runner ups are:
1. Edmond Harel Koei from grade 1.3
2. Jayden Noah Mulia Hendarto from grade 2.3
3. Gracia Candya Paramaputri from grade 3.4
4. Sharron Tania Putri from grade 4.2
5. Daven Giftian Tejalaksana from grade 5.4
6. Reynard Kolopaking from grade 6.4

We believe that glorifying God could be done in every aspects of our students’ life. It is not only about the winning, but also about how to accept other friends’ victory.

As a family in IICS, we are happy for all the participants in Spelling Bee Competition 2012. To God be the glory.

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